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Composite Shingles



Composition shingles are the most common roofing material used on residential homes in North Texas. They are constructed using a fiberglass mat coated with asphalt and mineral fillers in order to provide superior waterproofing properties. Ceramic granules are applied to the top layer of the shingle to give increased strength and protection against storm damage. Ward Roofing has one of the largest selection of colors to choose from in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. 

Laminate Shingles



Laminated shingles also known as “architectural” or “dimensional” shingles are designed to give modern homes a touch of the past by simulating the depth of original wooden shingles. While still a composition shingle, Laminated shingles are an improvement over the 3-tab shingle and have quickly become the go-to choice for re-roofing and new construction. Because of their multilayer construction, they are heavier and more durable than the traditional 3 - tab shingle. Ward Roofing has a large selection of styles and colors to choose from. With the added protection Laminated shingles offer our Manufacturers provide warranties ranging from 30 years up to limited lifetime.

3-tab shingles

3-tab shingles have been used in residential roofing for decades. Due to their single layer construction, they are usually the most economical choice to roof a home. Though many of our manufacturers will warranty 3 - tab shingles for 25-30 years, they rarely last very long in hail prone areas such as the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. While 3-tab shingles are pliable which makes installation a breeze, the number one benefit for this choice of shingle is the price. Due to their limited shelf life, most builders and home owners are choosing to use laminated or designer shingles which provide added strength and longevity. That being said, 3 - tab shingles still provide a great value and look to the right home.

3 Tab Shingles
Designer Shingles



Designer represent the absolute top of the line in composition family of shingles. Moss and algae growth can be a problem for composition shingles. To combat this many of our Designer shingles include moss or algae inhibitors. These added features make them thicker, heavier and physically larger than 3 - tab or most laminate shingles which really increases the durability. By far the most distinguishing characteristic of Designer shingles is the design. The curb appeal Designer shingles give a home is truly astounding. Almost our entire selection of Designer shingles comes with a 50 year to lifetime manufacturer warranty.

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